Throughout my career, I’ve always studied leaders and what makes them succeed or fail.  I worked for large corporations early in my career and worked under various leadership styles.  That experience helped form my own leadership style for developing my own teams.  Then I found my passion in working in smaller privately-held businesses to apply my financial and operational acumen from Fortune 500 companies.  These smaller businesses had the same leadership issues but they lacked the resources that larger companies had access to for growth and improvement.  While financial resources are typically more accessible to larger companies, I found that it was access to knowledge resources that really impeded smaller privately-held businesses. 

Prior to 2010, I was a business owner in Austin and have come to know other business owners.  I saw how owners (including myself) would hit a plateau in their leadership which would impede growth and potential in their organization.  Seeing how business owners needed help in reaching peak performance, I wanted to be part of the solution since their businesses are tied so much into their personal identity and retirement.  In 2010, I found The Alternative Board (TAB) as the solution for knowledge resources and leadership development that private business owners critically need.  Knowledge is gained through our own experiences and through others.  What turns that knowledge into wisdom is how we apply those experiences and other perspectives into our own challenges.  I truly believe great wisdom comes out of the business owner advisory boards that I run.  This wisdom becomes a catalyst for change which results in breakthroughs, both professionally and personally.  With the guidance from a peer board and a coach, continual progress is made where it is most important.  I have seen transformations in the lives of owners and their companies from participating in the TAB system.  I serve business owners in the Northwest and Northeast side of San Antonio, Boerne, New Braunfels, Schertz, and surrounding areas through TAB.

As a business advisor, facilitator and coach, I help business owners gain wisdom to embrace change which leads to transformation and peace of mind.  I work with owners who are more focused, more productive, and more passionate about what they do.  I absolutely love what I do.  I am grateful that I’m in my sweet spot.

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